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This shop is designed for the courageously ambitious female bloggers that are set out to create blogs that that change lives, create freedom and profits like no other. From Showit Templates to blog eBooks, this shop has what you need.

Showit Templates

Easy-to-use (and fully customizable) Showit Templates for Female Bloggers that leave our clients saying it's the best investment they've made for their blog.

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Travel Girl

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Travel Girl

Showit Template

The Travel Bloggers Showit Wordpress Template is packed with a ton of site converting aesthetics. If you are a travel blogger that needs a professional website, this template was created for YOU!

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Annas Lifestyle

Showit Template

Annas Lifestyle Showit Wordpress Template is designed for a very feminine lady. If you are a feminine blogger that needs a professional website, this template was created for YOU!

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Easy blog educational courses for female bloggers. Struggling to learn how to blog or build your design? Then these inexpensive courses are for you!

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Stupid Easy Blog Design

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Stupid Easy Blog Design

Blog Design Course

A Showit Website Course Designed To Teach You How to Design Your
Own Beautiful Website for Your Blog. Buy a template and get the course for free!

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Blog educational EBooks for female bloggers who are looking to learn more and uplevel.

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28 page eBook

In this eBook you will learn how to implement SEO onto your blog and increase your blog traffic to high amounts of pageviews per month!

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frequently asked

What is Showit?

Why Showit?

How much does Showit Cost?

What if I'm Not Tech Savvy?

Is my website responsive? 

What about SEO?

Will you set it up for me? I don't have the time or stress levels...

What other services do you offer?

Showit is the most innovative platform for drag & drop website building without code. Throw everything you know about templates and drag & drop, this is truly unique. Showit offers the possibility to customize templates 100% so you can easily create a unique website without a single line of code. The platform has been specially developed for creative entrepreneurs.

Showit is not only very user-friendly and wonderful to work with. But Showit offers so much more: custom mobile design, responsive on all screens, simple SEO optimization, innovative drag & drop builder, fast chat support, lots of clear tutorials. Technically Showit runs on the best and fastest servers and you do not have to worry about ant technical hassle and updates. So you are in control and are backed up with a ton of support in all kinds of ways.  

Showit has various subscription levels available starting as low as $19/mo (billed yearly). I recommend the middle tier with a blog at $24/mo (billed yearly) This allows you to make use of the Wordpress blog design that’s integrated in your template.

Your Showit subscription includes: hosting, backups, Wordpress blog, live chat support, free subdomains and access to a community full of creative Showit users. All custom blog designs are created with Showit and require an active Showit account.

I've got you! The blog design course along with the private support group is there to ensure you're set up to launch your beautiful website easily & quickly! If you still can't figure it out after that, I have a service that will allow me to set it up for you.

Showit runs with the latest internet language HTML5. This ensures that everything on your website is perfectly indexed at Google. You can optimize keywords, alt tags, page titles, the whole shebang! You optimize your Wordpress blog with the Yoast SEO plugin. You have all the possibilities to make sure Google is your best friend.

YES! A big fat yes. All Showit templates are fully responsive, they scale to fit any screen, and look beautiful on all types of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It is even possible to completely customize the website for mobile. That is amazing because this allows you to determine the layout, styling and content for the mobile design!

Yes, most definitely! I have two options for working together and more info can be found here.

-Custom Website Design 

-Blog Coaching 

-Set-up Your Template For You

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